How Laser Dentistry Can Help Gum Disease

Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, is a bacterial infection of the gum tissue. Typical symptoms include red, swollen, and/or bleeding gums. Gum disease is caused by plaque, which is a combination of food residue and bacteria, that sticks to the teeth. If it stays there long enough without being removed by brushing, flossing, and professional dental cleanings, it infects the gums and causes gum disease. 

It is important to treat gum disease as soon as it is detected. Gum disease that progresses without treatment can eventually cause the teeth to become loose and even fall out. There are a few different treatments for gum disease, and one of them is laser therapy. Laser dentistry is a recent technology used in a variety of dental procedures. It is less invasive for a more comfortable experience and faster recovery. 

How is laser dentistry used to treat gum disease? Here’s an overview of how lasers can treat existing gum disease and prevent it from returning. 

What is Laser Dentistry?

Lasers are light energy. A dental laser is a concentrated beam of light that can be precisely focused on a specific spot. The laser beam acts on both soft and hard tissues in your mouth, allowing your dentist to make necessary changes and corrections. Lasers are used in a variety of dental procedures, including cavity fillings, root canals, reshaping gum tissue, and even teeth whitening. 

How Can Laser Dentistry Help with Gum Disease?

When gum disease is present, the gum tissue is infected. Treating gum disease sometimes requires removal of the infected tissue, which can be done with a dental laser. A laser can gently remove just the infected tissue without taking more than is necessary. There is less bleeding involved during the procedure and less pain following the procedure. 

Laser dentistry is also used to reshape gum tissue to expose more of the teeth (gum contouring) or cover more of the teeth (gum grafting). Gum shaping helps to prevent gum disease by allowing the gum tissue to fit tightly against the teeth to keep bacteria from getting underneath. Additional procedures may be done in conjunction with gum shaping, namely scaling and root planing. Scaling removes hardened plaque from the teeth and root planing smooths out the surface of the tooth roots so that the gum tissue can form a tighter bond. 

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

There are many reasons why dentists are using laser dentistry whenever possible. There are significant benefits for the patient, including: 

  • Faster recovery. You’ll feel better faster following laser dental procedures and be able to return to your normal activities more quickly. 
  • Shorter procedure time. The use of a dental laser can shorten the time it takes to perform your procedure. You will likely be in and out more quickly than with traditional methods. 
  • Less anesthesia. Lasers can lessen the need for anesthesia during procedures. If your procedure would have required general anesthesia or sedation, you may be able to get it done with just local anesthesia if your dentist uses a laser. 
  • Reduced risk of postoperative infection. It is possible to develop an infection after dental procedures or oral surgery of any kind. However, the risk of infection is reduced when laser dentistry is used. This is especially helpful for treatment of gum disease because preventing reinfection is a key goal of this procedure. 

Smile Studio 87 Provides Laser Treatment for Gum Disease 

If you think laser dentistry is your preferred method for gum disease treatment, Smile Studio 87 provides this option. We believe in making procedures more comfortable and convenient for our patients, and laser dentistry helps us to achieve that goal. Through laser dental procedures we can treat your gum disease and prevent it from returning. Then we simply ask that you do your part, which is keeping up with healthy oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing daily. 

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