How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign is a clear teeth straightening system. It serves the same purpose as braces, but it is virtually invisible on your teeth. This treatment option is quickly gaining popularity as more patients are choosing to straighten their teeth in a less noticeable way. 

Invisalign uses clear plastic trays called aligners that fit over your teeth. The aligners gradually shift your teeth into the correct position. You wear each aligner for about 2 weeks and switch to the next in order until you reach the desired result. 

If you’re considering Invisalign for yourself or your teen, you may be wondering, how much does Invisalign cost? Here’s what you can expect. 

Average Cost of Invisalign Treatment

The cost of Invisalign can range from $3,000 to $9,000. The average cost falls around $6,000, which is comparable to the cost of braces. There are many factors that contribute to the actual cost of Invisalign treatment for an individual patient. Your quote from your orthodontist won’t necessarily be the same as someone else’s. 

Invisalign Cost Factors

The cost of Invisalign varies based on a variety of factors: 

  • Location. The geographic location of your dentist or orthodontist providing Invisalign treatment will play a part in the cost. The cost of living in the area affects everything from gas prices to dental services. Live in a big city or an area with a dense population? You might pay more for Invisalign than someone in a small town or rural area. 
  • Extent of the corrections needed. Some patients just need slight adjustments to their teeth and others will need a larger shift. The further the teeth need to be moved, the more aligners that will need to be created, which increases the cost of treatment. 
  • Length of treatment. On a related note, the more aligners you require for your treatment, the longer it will take. You wear each aligner for about 2 weeks, so the number of aligners dictates the length of your treatment. The longer your treatment will take, the more consultations and appointments you will need, which means a higher cost. 
  • Insurance. If your dental insurance includes coverage for orthodontics, Invisalign is usually a qualifying treatment. Most insurance plans offer a one time lump sum toward orthodontic treatment for each dependent who is included in your plan. It will not likely cover the entire cost, but it will bring your total out of pocket cost down significantly. 
  • Promotional pricing. Dentists and orthodontists will sometimes offer promotions and specials for Invisalign treatment when you start your treatment during the promotional period. Ask your provider if there are any promotions or discounts you can take advantage of. 

How to Make Invisalign More Affordable

If the cost of Invisalign is a concern, don’t let it prevent you from getting the orthodontic treatment you need. There are ways to make it more affordable. Most dental practices offer financing options and payment plans to help spread the cost out into affordable monthly payments. Ask your dentist or orthodontist what types of payment options they provide so that you or your child can get the type of treatment you prefer.

Smile Studio 87 is a Certified Invisalign Provider

One of the biggest advantages of Invisalign is that dental practices can offer this treatment option without having to refer you to an orthodontist. Smile Studio 87 provides Invisalign treatment as part of our general and cosmetic dental services. We accept a wide range of insurance providers and offer CareCredit for financing out of pocket costs. If Invisalign is the treatment option you want, Smile Studio 87 will do our best to make it possible for you. 

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