In the Woodridge Community

At Smile Studio 87, we love to help our community whenever we get the chance. Throughout the year, you can find us lending a hand by participating in a variety of great causes.

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2022 Raffle Winners

2021 Candy Buy Back

Thanks to our patients and members of our community who donated candy for our troops. We were able to donate over 200 lbs of candy this year to Operation Gratitude. As can be seen in the picture below, the candy is being shipped out through UPS to Operation Gratitude.

2021 - A Makeover for Smile Studio 87

Check out our expansion and take advantage of Summer Specials in our Summer Newsletter

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2021 - Raffle Winners

And the lucky winners are Minoy Varghese, Brian Matzz, Kinga Makena, and Wilma E. Congratulations on being the lucky winners of our $500 Air BnB Raffle!

Fall Festival

Celebrating the change in seasons!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Bringing awareness to Breast Cancer.

Patient Appreciation

At Smile Studio 87, we love our patients! To show our appreciation and to build community, we offer fun events such as Movie Day. Recently, we rented out the AMC Theater in Woodridge as a thank you for our patients.

Smiling patients holding number 1 hand
Smiling patients holding toddler son
Four kids making silly faces dressed up in
Smiling ladies wearing feather boas and giant sun glasses
Dr. Khan and team
Group of five wearing silly hats and giant sun glasses.
Mother and her two sons wearing silly props
Smiling family of six
Smiling group of individuals
Smiling family of 5
Sisters wearing giant sun glasses and hats
Dr. Khan and Pie in their yellow patient appreciation day 2018 tee shirts
Dr. Khan wearing giant sun glasses standing next to a woman and her son and daughter
Dad and his two young sons
Smiling family of four
Smiling mom in yellow hat and her young daughter and son
Group of elementary aged children dressed up with silly props
Dr. Khan and 4 smiling patients dressed up in photo booth props
Dr. Khan and two smiling ladies
Mom in purple cowboy hat standing with her boys in front
Mom and sons smiling in photo booth dress up
Three young girls dressed up with giant sun glasses and a feather boa
Couple and child with woman wearing a green feather boa
Smiling couple and child with silly sun glasses

We also offer monthly raffle contests for our patients. This year, we have raffled off prizes such as:

  • Electric Toothbrushes
  • Gift Certificates for Odyssey Cruises
  • iWatches© and MacBook© Computers
  • Tickets to Six Flags™
  • Ticketmaster™ Giftcards

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At Smile Studio 87, we also participate in community events to promote dental health. We recently had a tent at Darienfest, where we gave away prizes and balloon animals.

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Halloween Candy Buy Back

In 2017, we sponsored a Halloween Candy buy back program to benefit our troops. During the event, kids could receive $1 per 1 pound of candy for up to 5 pounds of Halloween candy that they surrendered to our office.

All the purchased candy was donated to our troops with the help of Operation Gratitude. It’s was a win-win for everyone!

Toys For Tots

Official Toy Drop off Location

In 2017, we collaborated with Every Halloween, we partnered with the DuPage County Marine Corps League to collect new toys for their Toys for Tots Program. Each person that donated a toy received a toothbrush goodie bag and a raffle ticket into our drawing to win a "Kids Crest Electric Toothbrush Kit." ($50 value)

Give Kids a Smile

Two people dressed up as a tooth brush and a tube of tooth paste

Give Kids a Smile® is a not-for-profit dental organization teams with many dental providers and members to offer dental care to those in need. Many of our providers and members return year after year because they love what we do.

At Smile Studio 87, we are proud to work with Give Kids a Smile® to help provide deserving children in our area with dental care.