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The 4 Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants form the base for crowns and other dental solutions to replace broken or missing teeth. While there are a variety of other possible solutions that you can choose, dental implants are often the best, most requested option. That is because they come with several benefits that make them far better than your other choices. If you are weighing the different dental solutions, here is a look at the four benefits of dental implants.

Longest-Lasting Solution

Compared to other dental solutions, dental implants are the longest-lasting solution. In many cases, they are permanent solutions with basic maintenance work and possibly a few replacement parts over the years. Dental implants are generally three pieces: the implant itself that is the anchor, an abutment to hold the tooth, and the crown (fake tooth). Over time, the crown and possibly the abutment will be replaced as they wear down from use and exposure to food and drinks, but the implant will not need to be replaced unless it is heavily damaged.

For patients that want the fewest trips to the dentist as possible, this is the best option. The process for placing the implant may take several visits to assess the area, prepare it for the placement, place the implant and fit it with a crown. However, that is the end of the specialized visits. You’ll just need regular dentist visits for deep cleaning and to check your teeth afterward.

Cost-Effective Solution

Because of the length of time you will have the implant and its low maintenance costs, dental implants are among the most cost-effective dental solutions that you can get. The cost of the implant covers the implant process and the parts for it. Since you won’t have to replace the implant again, you won’t have to pay the costs for another surgery.

Most Realistic Solution

Replacing a tooth can be stressful since you want it to look like a normal tooth. Fortunately, dental implants are fitted with crowns that look like normal teeth. Once placed, the implant will have a special crown made for it. The dental surgeon will shape it so that it fits in the space and adjust the coloring so that it matches your other teeth. It is the most realistic tooth replacement that you can get and is the best choice for anyone concerned with the way that their teeth will look after a procedure.

Most Functional Solution

Dental implants are also the most functional dental solution. When properly placed, a fully functional dental implant works just like the tooth that it replaced. The implant is connected directly to the jawbone, so it works like a real tooth in every way. Many people find it more comfortable because of this. Plus, the only maintenance that it needs is regular cleaning like brushing your teeth.

Dental implants provide a lot of benefits for anyone that needs to replace a broken or damaged tooth. You can have implants placed with ease by partnering with a skilled and experienced dental care team. Call (630) 796-7417 or send us an email at service@smilestudio87.com. We can help you improve your dental health quickly and without pain.